Welcome to the Cottage

Well Howdy everyone. Come on in and set a spell.

[Turns off hokey accent]

I suppose I should introduce myself.  I call myself a crafty witch although the witch part seems to be falling away these days. I used to own a New Age/Pagan store and that’s one heck of a way to find out just how much nonsense is floating around those communities. Despite that, I still like a lot of the imagery. I will discuss pagan topics at least occasionally, but mostly I think this blog will be about crafts, and possibly cooking.

I still have a lot of the inventory from the store, so I’m going to be making an effort to sell it off. Note that the store closed in 2007, so anything I have predates that.

I’m hoping to get into designing patterns, and possibly making some stuff for sale. I’ll be starting with crochet although I also embroider and am interested in jewelry making.  If I can make some money off these endeavors, so much the better. I’ll also be reviewing related products, e.g. tools, and design software. Feel free to send donations my way if you find anything I post useful or otherwise of value.